Staff Applications

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Do you like our community? Wanna help us with it's maintemance? Then post here your application! Don't forget to read the rules!

Application Rules

Hello applicant!

We are so happy right know, because your visit here on these rules means, that you are considering our offer to be part of our awsome staff team!

Although, we need to make sure, that you are the right person for it. So, we prepared few basic rules, conditions and guidelines, that you should meet.

Application template

The most important thing about applications are the templates. They can ease our job and cause faster reaction on it. Also, they can help you, so you won't forget anything that we require! So, just copy this form down below and fill all necessarities.

Your full name (if you don't feel about telling us that, first name is enough):

Your real age:


English knowledge level (you can use CEFR rating - like A1, A2, B1 etc. ; or just describe it):

Your game of interest (on what game you'll be active most as a staff member):

Why are you playing here?

What do you like most about Bright Gaming (or hate)?

Why we should accept your application?

Have you ever been staff member on some other community?

What are you expecting from being staff member?

Is there something we should know before we'll start vetting process on ya?

Conditions for application

Applicant must:

  1. Be over 16 years old
  2. Have at least basic knowledge of his game of interest
  3. Be friendly and calm
  4. Have not any (un)active bans or more then 5 active warn points to date of submission
  5. Be Verified Player (how you can obtain this rank)
  6. At least 5 posts here on forums
  7. Have account paired with Discord and be on our Discord Group

For a successful application, you must meet all of those conditions + get 5 "yes" from higher admins - after that, Chief of Staff will make final decision.

In the future, I will add more helpful info, such as bad examples :)

Good Luck!



  1. Denied

    All denied apps can be read here

    • No posts here yet
  2. Approved

    All approved apps can be read here

  3. In vote

    If voting has started, app will be moved here

    • No posts here yet
  4. Non-gaming jobs

    We are also hiring for jobs, that are not related to gaming - such as Advertisers, Maintainers etc.

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