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How to join our Minecraft Modded servers?

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Hi fellow players,

In case you wonder how to play on our servers - here is the complete tutorial!

You need original (bought) copy of the game! If you don't have it, buy a MC or visit this

  1. Step
    1. Go to and download the official app.
    2. Install the app
    3. If you don't have Twitch account already, create it!
    4. Go into Settings, Minecraft and enable Minecraft Mod management, then click Done
  2. Step
    1. Click on Mods tab, then select Minecraft
    2. Select Browse All Modpacks
    3. Search for "Bright Gaming Official" and download it
    4. As soon as it will download successfully, you can start it and join us!

In case you don't understand something or it doesn't work for you, post a message HERE for Official support or HERE for Community Support!

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